Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc.

ArcMail Cloud/On-Premise Hybrid Gateway

For companies needing to recover data from multiple message platforms, the ArcMail Cloud/On-Premise Hybrid Gateway makes it fast and easy.  Using intuitive keywords, any authorized individual can locate email and their attachments, system files, MS SharePoint, social media, and other data in seconds, and restore the information to any user’s mailbox.  With ArcMail’s Cloud/On-Premise Hybrid Gateway, customers can securely encrypt and store data on local storage solutions (SAN, NAS, etc.) and in the remote location of their choice, with flexibility to archive to virtually any cloud storage partner –Amazon S3TM, Rackspace Cloud Files, Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack, among others.



On-board hardware, OS, and application diagnostics provide the archive administrator with daily reports of the health of the system.



Metadata and text data are extracted from all parts of each message, including header, body, and attachments, making it easy to locate files using intuitive keywords or ArcMail‘s advanced search function. With ArcMail’s one-click restore functionality, authorized users can restore messages to their inbox — or to that of another authorized user — in a matter of seconds.



For additional security, all documents received by ArcMail’s Cloud/On-Premise Hybrid Gateway are encrypted before being sent to SAN or cloud storage.