It’s been a month or two since the spin-merge by HPE of its former services group was completed. Now called DXC Technology, it has become the place to go when the really big projects are involved. There are still many former EDS consultants within this new division and being from Texas, this has been something we at DataExpress have watched ever since the original HP purchased EDS. There are expectations that this will be a boon to shareholders given that they all now have equity in this new company, but what does it mean for NonStop users in general and for DataExpress users in particular? Just after DXC Technology was listed on the stock exchange, Forbes magazine wrote of how, “On May 24 2016, HPE announced the spin-off of its Enterprise Services business, and its subsequent merger with CSC. The deal created a company with the requisite scale, expertise and leadership to catapult it amongst the world’s largest pure-play IT services companies.” And yet, we have heard very little about how this DXC Technology is going about supporting NonStop users. Furthermore, DXC is now one of two support organizations HPE customers can turn to as at the recent HPE Discover event in Las Vegas, HPE executives showcased Pointnext that only a few months earlier had been the Technical Services organization within the Enterprise Group. In one commentary that followed, it was noted that, “Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is launching what it is calling a “newly redefined” technology services organization called Pointnext aimed at accelerating digital transformation around hybrid IT and intelligent edge computing.” In other words, there would be two services organizations; one, partly owned by HPE shareholders, that had a broader, more global approach to services whereas the other services organization focuses specifically on the key HPE message of transformation to Hybrid IT. For us at DataExpress we see merit in the approach HPE is taking, bracketing the more general needs of IT at large with one organization while separating more targeted needs with another – specialization is becoming more important as there is a major transition under way across all of IT as enterprises everywhere grapple with the challenges that come with virtualization, resources on demand, consumption based pricing models and yes, all things cloud oriented. When it comes to managed services for instance, DataExpress not only develops and installs products but more often than not provides considerable customer hand-holding along the way. However, that is only part of the story. As a development company whose products provide value to almost every NonStop user worldwide, we recognized that finding a partner with global reach that has a global sales force would also be important. After all, taking our message to every major NonStop user is probably the most important undertaking for companies like DataExpress. Obviously, the step before support is actual sales. Across the NonStop community there are only a few companies that can meet these requirements and after a lengthy search we are happy to have found in comForte Inc such a partner. For those who may have missed the update in the July, 2017, issue of the comForte newsletter, comForte announced an expansion of a partnership that had started many years ago when DataExpress selected comForte security products in support of wire transmissions. “Effective June 2017, the powerful DataExpress suite will be available for license through comForte Inc, with development and design continuing to reside with DataExpress,” comForte told its readers. It then added that, “DataExpress is the premier Secure Managed File Transfer suite and is available on HPE NonStop systems and Open Systems.” Just as HPE sought out different partnerships and different business models to better support enterprise users even as it elected to create a specialist organization for its new initiatives, so too has DataExpress sought out a partner who has the combination of sales, support and market presence that DataExpress sees as beneficial for its future growth. Shortly there will be a more comprehensive news release coming from both comForte and DataExpress that will provide even more information but for now, should you have any questions please don’t hesitate in giving us a call. We would be only too happy to hear from you and of course, watch for even more news to follow on what DataExpress sees as a terrific opportunity for DataExpress and all of the enterprise users.