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ARALOC™ Boardroom - Board Communications and Content Distribution

User-Friendly Software that Streamlines Executive Meetings

"The ARALOC application is easy to install, has an easy user interface making it a quick learning curve, even for your most senior executives, and provides a secure repository for meeting content to access on the go from multiple devices. It has become the tool of choice for our executives for their meetings allowing them to take notes, annotate and view content all within an app on their device(s). As you begin to use it and apply it to meetings or for the objective you have identified this solution can meet, you may get ideas on improvements or added features to provide additional benefit to your users. The team at ARALOC™ is open to the ideas and easy to work with to identify the opportunity to further enhance the application."
- Angela F., Senior Director @ McKesson Corporation

ARALOC™ is a REAL Time Saver

"ARALOC is a true time saver. It’s convenient, easy to use, and best of all no more paper meeting packets! Our executives and board members are able to get their meeting packets in a timely, secure manner and have the opportunity to review the board packets in advance of the actual meeting. Updates and changes to the packets are quick and easy. We have expanded our use of the system to include several of our other meetings as well, saving additional time and resources. It has proven to be a valuable asset to our meetings!!"
- Bryan P., EVP & CFO @ Charlotte State Bank & Trust

We've been using ARALOC™ Secure Mobile Content Management for Over 3 Years

"Using ARALOC’s product has provided us a new way to help our clients deliver secure content for meetings, events, training and for publication distribution. Our core business is print and the natural progression of mobile content distribution is exactly what Araloc offers- content delivered securely via all devices. One of the best things is that there is also an app for PC and MAC environments. Therefore it truly is a cross platform solution. Also, the data analytics are fantastic. People can now know who is looking at their content from which devices and how often! A marketers dream."
-Patti D., VP @ HBP, Inc.

General Counsel and Executive Staff Forever Grateful

"ARALOC has supported our Board of Directors for the last 4 years. As the person responsible for preparing 27 binders and shipping them to 7 different states in preparation for a board meeting, you can imagine how happy I am to now be able to electronically build a board book and with a few simple clicks publish the material for viewing. Our board members are also delighted that they no longer have to lug their board book to the meeting (I cannot tell you how many BOD members have gotten on the plane only to realize they left their BOD book at home!). Our board consists of technology savvy members and members who struggle to find the "on" switch on their iPad. However, every BOD member simply loves ARALOC. Our General Counsel is more than happy that the material is encrypted and I am forever grateful that we switched from paper to ARALOC!"
- Lindsay O., Executive Legal Specialist @ First Command Financial Services, Inc.


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ARALOC™ Boardroom  Keep Sensitive Material Secure with Features Including:

• Multi-Platform
• Multilingual Portal
• 256-bit AES encryption technology
• Remote wipe of confidential content from any device
• Secure offline viewing
• Meeting Archives

• Automated content synchronization
• Extensive content tracking & reporting analytics
• Supports company owned and BYOD devices 
• Intuitive Note-Taking
• 24/7 Access

• Advanced Messaging and Collaboration


The ARALOC™  Distribution Process

Create & Publish

ARALOC works with PDFs, Office Documents, HTML5, and other rich media. The ARALOC Secure Publisher allows you to select your content to be protected, optionally convert it to universal formats, encrypt the files, upload the content to the appropriate storage location, and make the content available to authorized end-users.

Distribute & Manage

The ARALOC Management Server enables content owners to register, manage, and monitor their protected content. The cloud-based platform provides for flexibility in your system policies on a global level, or for individual content.


The ARALOC apps, available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, connect to the management server to authenticate users and obtain licenses for the secure viewing of digital content. ARALOC apps can be extensively branded and customized for your organization.


ARALOC™ – Enterprise Cloud-Based .

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