CyberSecurity Excellence Awards - 2019

Rapidly combining some of the best DRM, eDiscovery, Classification, Identity Governance and DLP technologies into a solution positioned for Privacy and Compliance activities – across virtually any data source and device. The only provider to offer a full GDPR/CCPA request management platform, and an open sourced platform that has over 10,000 active installations.

The  ARALOC  Boardroom by Data443™ Content Distribution and Board Management  System  provides  custom  configured  and  branded native  apps  to  streamline  your  corporate  board  governance  and  security  guidelines.  The only product on the market that features an array of user-friendly board content publishing and distribution automation controls, Boardroom requires minimal training and support. Using THE ARALOC Content Library, board members can use dedicated apps to view board materials from their mobile or desktop devices online or offline. With industry-leading fully enabled Rich Media Support, members are able to upload and encrypt all file formats for distribution. System notifications  and  automatic  synchronization  ensure  board  members  always  have  the  most  recent  board  content  materials. Multi-level views allow multiple boards to be houses and controlled from one central location.

The GDPR Framework WordPress Plugin by Data443 allows for an easy, fast and cost-effective compliance solution for the GDPR. Achieve a fast time-to-value with 12 GDPR articles being met straight out-of-the-box. In a few clicks you can handle DSARs, consent, report and many other GDPR requirements. We are developer-friendly. Everything can be extended; every feature and template can be overridden. We are excited to announce we just hit 100k downloads and 10k active installations.

Data443 ClassiDocs™ allows for an easy, fast and cost-effective compliance solution for the new CCPA. Achieve a fast time-to-value with the five key requirements of CCPA  being met  straight out-of-the-box. Data443 ClassiDocs™ supports over 200 file types and 400 databases while integrating with your existing DLP/CASB/SIEM/Cloud Solutions. Data443 ClassiDocs™ is the solution for classification, governance, and discovery across all data sources.

ClassiDocs™ takes the effort out of classifying your data by applying the same rules, technology, machine learning, and ongoing classification stewardship throughout the organization. This ensures always-accurate, continually relevant data security for your whole IT estate. ClassiDocs™ is purposefully user-centric to increase adoption and adherence with no training. Ease-of-use control with minimal interruptions and your-company-specific branding allows users to engage quickly and make fewer mistakes. Administration is simple via an easy-to-understand, centralized control panel that delivers both preset and customizable analytics.

Data443 Protect™ encompasses high-level classification and policies to ensure sensitive content is not lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users. Our multi-platform solution is compatible with MacOS, Windows, and Linux and has the ability to be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid. Data443 Protect™ enables efficiency as both administrators and users experience a user-friendly environment. Go beyond just blocking and allowing devices or transfer of documents and create read-only, report-only and content-based policies. Native integration with the leading ClassiDocs™ is an available option.

2018 Awards

Winner of 3 - 2018 Cyber Security Excellence Awards

Finalist for Infosec Award 2018