1.   Is ArcMail compatible with my email server?

ArcMail Defender’s Linux-based OS is compatible with most servers, and is ideal for Microsoft® Exchange archiving, GroupWise mail archiving, IBM, Lotus Notes and Domino email archiving. ArcMail also works seamlessly with most hosted email platforms such as Google Gmail and MS Office365.

2.   Can’t I just use my email server backups as an archive?

Companies that use backups as archives often find that the backups are virtually impossible to search for files or emails of interest, particularly in the event of legal discovery requests. A company would need to restore each backup to a temporary server and locate the needed emails manually. ArcMail’s enterprise information archiving solutions allow you to store and locate individual messages through indexing which allows basic or advanced Boolean searches based on key words or phrases.

3.   How easy is ArcMail to use?

ArcMail products and services are easy to set up, use and maintain. Simply connect or install ArcMail’s archiving solutions and within a matter of minutes, you’ll be archiving emails and improving your email server performance. Faster searches, upfront deduping, indexing and an intuitive GUI save you time and make for efficient email storage management.

4.   How long does it take to recover archived emails?

ArcMail makes email discovery fast and easy. ArcMail offers the fastest archival search function in the industry, enabling employees or administrators to quickly find the emails or attachments they’re looking for. Retrieval times vary based on the amount of data stored in the archive and which product or service you deployed.

5.   Will ArcMail support a cloud-based email platform?

ArcMail solutions support all major cloud messaging platforms including Gmail, Google apps, Google Drive content, MS Office365, and other cloud-based email platforms that supports journaling.

6.   Can ArcMail support a mixed email system environment?

Yes.  ArcMail’s enterprise information archiving solutions can simultaneously archive any email system including MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, Domino, Groupwise and most hosted email systems such as Google Gmail and MS Office365.  You can choose to have these systems journal directly to ArcMail’s archive or you can import your historical data into the archive using Mbox, IMAP, .PST and other formats.

7.   Does ArcMail Offer Turn Key Migration?

ArcMail offers simple, no-hassle migration from existing email systems. We have successfully migrated many of our customers from all major email archiving platforms.

8.   How comprehensive is ArcMail’s email archive indexing?

ArcMail indexes every single word of every single email, attachment, MS SharePoint, system file, and other data sources.  ArcMail’s superior automated indexing technology allows users to perform basic or highly detailed Boolean searches using full-text key words or phrases. ArcMail automatically indexes email headers, meta-tags, text, PDFs, MS Office documents, system files, and even compressed files within a ZIP file.  ArcMail’s proprietary algorithms used for indexing and searching makes our solutions one of the simplest and fastest search & retrieval archiving systems on the market.

9.   How granular can retention policies be defined with ArcMail?

ArcMail’s granular retention policy settings allow administrators to easily implement retention policies and rules based on any parameter, including key words or phrases, individuals, groups, dates, ages, customers, vendors, domains, AD Groups, etc.

10.  Can I apply different retention rules over large data sets?

ArcMail can preserve any content type from any source for any defined retention period and then automatically delete expired content when the retention period ends.  ArcMail allows you to selectively supersede the retention period of any particular document for an indefinite amount of time by placing these documents into a legal or litigation hold.  ArcMail  automates the retention and destruction process during the normal course of business and removes all traces of documents once the retention period has been reached while maintaining an audit trail of retention and destruction.

11.  Will ArcMail require any additional IT resources?

Email archiving occurs in the background automatically without requiring attention from IT personnel. Daily status reports are sent to administrators so they can evaluate server traffic and performance.

12.  Do you provide ongoing support for ArcMail’s services?

ArcMail stands behind every email archiving solution we build. In the unlikely event there is a problem, you can choose how you prefer to contact us by one of the methods below:

call us at 855-DATA-443,

email us or

visit our support website for assistance.  

13.  How much does it cost?

ArcMail offers both hosted and on-premise solutions that have a fixed price based upon the number of Terabytes required by your application. Schedule an appointment with one of our archiving experts to receive a customized quote that best fits your organization’s needs. 

14.  Are there any software licensing fees for adding users?

ArcMail offers one of the lowest total costs of ownership (TCO) and most predictable pricing model in the archiving industry because our data archiving solutions require no per user licensing fees.  Our pricing is based on the total number of Terabytes required in your environment.