About Us

Founded in 2005, ArcMail is a leading provider of enterprise information and email archiving solutions for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of vertical markets.  ArcMail offers a full array of solutions with broad deployment options that support a wide range of content types from various sources.

ArcMail deployment options include a turnkey appliance, a virtual machine (VM) software (VMware or MS Hyper-V), a storage gateway (which can store to a SAN, NAS, or any cloud-based storage provider), and fully-hosted.  Each option can support data from: most commercially available mail servers, including all versions of MS Exchange, Linux variants, IBM Lotus Notes, IBM Domino, and GroupWise among others; most cloud-based systems, including Google Gmail, MS Office365, Google Apps, and Google Docs among others; and Microsoft SharePoint, enterprise social media such as your corporate Twitter, and Microsoft and Linux-based file systems.

Not only is ArcMail a leading solutions provider, we are the go-to entity for companies in search of expertise, information, and supporting resources as they investigate their need and develop strategies for enterprise information and email archiving.   ArcMail recognizes that customers’ needs are not met through a “cookie cutter/one size fits all” approach. 

As the expert in the enterprise information and email archiving market, we work in partnership with our customers to ensure their archiving solution is tailored to meet their unique situation and environment.



Backed by our innovative team of engineering and archiving experts, ArcMail is synonymous with “Enterprise Information And Email Archiving Made Simple”.  Every ArcMail customer gains peace of mind only obtainable from knowing their discoverable information is being archived using a compliant and secure solution that is scalable, dependable, and easy to install, deploy, use, and maintain.