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Why Should You Consider Email Archiving?

An effective email archiving solution has a significant impact on your organization, providing benefits for corporate, legal, human resources and IT/operations.  This is true whether your organization is in a regulated industry or not. 

An effective email archiving solution can help to mitigate risks during an e-Discovery or compliance audit, to ensure business continuity, to increase server performance, to decrease storage requirements, to improve data management and many other benefits. That’s why email archiving is critical to your information governance strategy and is a best practice for organizations of all sizes.


Fully indexing every single word of every single email and attachment, even if the attachments are contained in a compressed ZIP file or if any attachment is an MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, or any other document or image.  Advanced search capabilities makes your email, SharePoint, File Share data and social media content fully discoverable during an e-discovery or audit request.


Email archiving satisfies legal, compliance and human resource requirements – lowering overall exposure and reducing risks for your organization.  Your emails and attachments are captured simultaneously as they are received or sent, and cannot be deleted or modified from their original state so you can authenticate the integrity of your emails.


Email archiving is a valuable addition to your business continuity strategy and disaster recovery plan.  For example, if your MS Exchange server crashes 12 hours after your last back-up, the archive will be able to restore the data (back-fill) to your exchange server automatically.


No more wasting employee time searching for old emails or waiting hours, days or weeks for IT to fulfill an e-discovery requests from old back-ups. Your employees can perform their own searches from within MS Outlook to find authorized emails or data using either simple or advanced Boolean search capabilities.


Improve performance by decreasing the load off your MS Exchange server.   You can reduce the retention period in the mail store on the exchange server because all of your emails are available in the archive. ArcMail provides easy and secure access within MS Outlook to all of your historical emails being archived.  You can also import into the archive and then remove all of the user PSTs, reclaiming hard drive space and improving performance in each of your users’ desktops or laptops.


ArcMail offers real-time archiving of your email and data, which is then indexed, de-duped and compressed and can be stored in various locations including a RAID 5 or 6 configuration appliance, a Virtual Machine (VM), an on-premise SAN or NAS or in a public or private cloud.  Your emails and attachments are kept in an unalterable state for any length of time required through granular retention rules and policies.