Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc.

ArcMail Fully-Hosted Archiving Services

For companies who are better served by outsourcing their email and other electronic data archiving, ArcMail’s Fully-Hosted Archiving Service is a simple solution.


ArcMail’s Fully-Hosted Archiving Service requires minimal customer set-up.

  1. You provide ArcMail Technical Support Specialist with a  few network details
  2. ArcMail’s team of experts configures the customer’s fully-hosted archive
  3. Your in-house systems administrator customizes user permission and retention policies in accordance with their organization’s needs
  4. Archiving your business-critical data begins in a fully-secure ArcMail-managed archive!


Because all business-critical data is securely encrypted, indexed, and archived, our customers can quickly and easily meet regulatory or corporate compliance standards and quickly respond to eDiscovery requests, saving thousands of dollars in potential fees or fines.

With the assurance that all data is immediately archived and accessible, our customers no longer need to spend time managing inboxes or worrying about the load on mail servers, freeing them up to focus on what is truly important — growing their business.


Metadata and text data are extracted from all parts of each message, including header, body, and attachments, making it easy to locate files using intuitive keywords or ArcMail‘s advanced search function. With ArcMail’s one-click restore functionality, authorized users can restore messages to their inbox — or to that of another authorized user — in a matter of seconds.


All documents received by ArcMail’s Fully-Hosted Archiving Service are encrypted before being sent to our hosted cloud for additional security.


As a fully-hosted and fully-managed archiving service, there are no hardware requirements for the customer or their end-users.