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Airports, plane rides and schedules – it does remind NonStop users of the need for DataExpress to move files

For many members of the NonStop community the biggest event of the year to date just wrapped up in Edinburgh, Scotland. This year’s European Technical Boot Camp (ETBC), hosted by BITUG, attracted attendees from all across Europe and from the news we have received, there were more than 230 participants. Always encouraging news as there are occasions when the thought of travelling half way around the world isn’t as exciting as it once was – how many of us truly look forward to heading to the airport for that quick trip to somewhere far away?For the team here at DataExpress we are fortunate to have the Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW) airport nearby, a major hub that can fly us almost anywhere – yes, there’s even a direct flight from DFW all the way down to Sydney, Australia. According to USA Today, however, “To most of us, the journey is the necessary hurdle that gets us where we want to go. And if that destination is half a world away – say, Sydney, Australia – the hurdle sounds like more of a pole vault!” It’s only a 16+ hour flight on an Airbus 380 but if you prefer to fly from Houston to Sydney on United then it’s a little longer at 17+ hours and it’s on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. However, each time we fly, we marvel as we look up at the airport departure boards and take in just how dependent we all have become on airplanes taking us to where we need to go.

The image we have here at DataExpress of these massive departure boards reminds us so much of the role DataExpress plays today in moving files routinely, automatically and securely anywhere in the world our DataExpress customers commit to sending them. Oftentimes, not just a handful of destinations are involved, but tens of thousands. References to planes and the many business trips we take, brings us to the most recent feature article published in the May, 2019, issue of NonStop Insider, DataExpress – always delivering data where it’s needed safely and securely! In this issue we write of how,

“This upcoming trip to Scotland for ETBC reminded us that not only will there will be many NonStop community members taking to the air but of how today’s planes have become the mode of travel chosen by almost everyone facing a commute over long distances. ‘There are tens of thousands of flights daily carrying millions of people, accumulating at the source and ending at a destination to disburse randomly,’ said DataExpress CEO, Billy Whittington. ‘These are commonplace and everyone takes for granted that everyone gets corralled into lines, queues, holding pools and gets shuttled into an aluminum tube to be deposited safely out the other side at some point.’

“As Whittington describes it, ‘We see and hear planes fly over without wondering what a technological marvel they are; we hear about innovations through the broadcast media and yes the facilities are constantly being upgraded to handle greater and greater volume. But ultimately, it’s always about safely transporting people from one location to another.’ (And yet), looking up at the boarding screens, there is no feeling worse than seeing mass cancellations from the carrier you were depending upon to get you to where you needed to go.”

Planes, very much like the cars we wrote about last month, have become modes of transportation we rely upon heavily as we pursue business opportunities worldwide. It’s not without reason that airlines come up with such tag lines as United’s  “Fly the friendly skies” or even Singapore Airlines’, “A great way to fly” or perhaps best yet, Lufthansa’s “Nonstop you!” Dumbing down flying to where it can be seen as routine is all part of the airline marketing efforts. At DataExpress it’s always surprising to us whenever we encounter NonStop users with the need to ship off their files continuing to do it all themselves. There’s no need to maintain your own scripts to move files – it’s like building your own plane, scheduling it for every trip you plan and ensuring it’s secure from multiple threats. Surely, by now, you know there are planes out there ready to do the job for you?

DataExpress has been moving files between NonStop customers and those that rely on the information created by these customers for business, marketing and regulatory reasons. Your interests may not include planes or cars but reliable transportation of data will always be a requirement of today’s, and tomorrow’s, IT organization. To read the feature published in NonStop Insider, make sure you check out the May issue by clicking on the hyperlink above of by simply cutting and pasting this link into you browser –